Concurrent Engineering
Concurrent Engineering

Flex Circuit Concurrent Engineering

What’s the secret to more than 57 years of constant success and thousands of satisfied clients? Concurrent engineering.

Flexible Circuits, Inc. uses an integrated team approach to get to the core of each client’s needs and deliver the highest quality flexible circuit products. We strongly believe that collaboration between our engineers and the client is the key to success, so our team takes the time to learn each project inside and out. Only once we have an in-depth understanding of our client’s technical roadmap do we begin developing a strategy to assist them with their new design.

Our engineers work closely with the customer’s technical team to manufacture a prototype that meets the necessary requirements and criteria. Ironing out the kinks in the beginning stages of development allows us to create the most cost-effective flex product. Not only do we deliver a final product that fits flawlessly and performs efficiently, but we also make it a point to have a continuous dialogue with our clients and educate their engineers on flexible circuit board capabilities in a series of to-go meetings, lunch & learns, and more.

Using concurrent engineering enables us to make an investment in our client’s future. Our goal isn’t to create high quantities of substandard flexible circuit boards with unnecessary technologies — it’s to set our clients up for future success and create champions!

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Circuit Board 3D Model

We’re taking our flex circuit capability to the next level with 3D modeling!

When building high-accuracy applications such as flexible circuit boards, one can never be too careful in checking for defects and misalignments, especially considering the fact that customer design requirements and criteria have become more stringent than ever before. Developing a 3D model provides our team of engineers with visual feedback on how they can perfect the flex circuit fabrication before it hits the manufacturing floor.

The biggest benefactor is, of course, our client. By using state-of-the-art equipment and technology to develop a precise depiction of the flex circuit board, we can create the most cost-effective manufacturing process from the start and ensure the integrity of the final product, all while cutting down on trial and error during the prototype development stage. As a result, our clients receive highly-accurate flex circuit boards faster and can begin using them sooner!

Mechanical Mock-Ups

Are you interested in developing a mock-up or mechanical sample of a flex and/or rigid-flex circuit board with Flexible Circuits, Inc.? We’re always excited at the prospect of developing creative solutions for your engineering needs. Contact us to get started!

High Layer Count Flexible Circuit

When certain applications require a level of connectivity that cannot be satisfied by single or double-sided circuit boards, choose Flexible Circuits, Inc. for high-reliability and high-performance multilayer circuits.

Also known as high layer count flexible circuits, these devices are perfectly suited for complex mechanisms that require advanced flex circuit board interconnection systems. Multilayer circuits provide three distinct benefits in one device: high-density, lightweight, and crucial levels of reliability.

Designed to work as a single unit, multilayer circuits are incredibly dynamic — they achieve greater capacity without sacrificing speed despite their compact size. They are also built with durability in mind, as multilayer circuits can withstand higher heat and pressure without getting damaged. This makes them perfect for powerful applications such as rockets, missiles, aircraft platforms, ruggedized communication systems, ship-based platforms, and other military and aeronautic devices.

Military Circuit Concurrent Engineering

Flexible Circuits, Inc. has possessed a laser focus on the military and aerospace industries since the inception of the company. Over 57 years of experience working solely with military applications and aviation technology gives our engineering experts a unique advantage over other flexible circuit manufacturers. We have trained our teams to not only produce the highest quality flex circuit boards with superior bend radius and dynamic interconnectivity but also to develop, and manufacture the flex circuit boards of the future. We are always striving to innovate internally, so our clients can reap the resulting benefits.

If you would like to learn more or see what Flexible Circuits, Inc. can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us at your earlier convenience.

Flex Circuit FAQs

Flexible Circuits, Inc. offers comprehensive concurrent engineering services that ensure clients receive top-of-the-line circuits to meet all of the stringent requirements their program demands. There is no second-guessing on the client’s part — we guarantee our circuits will work as intended from the very second they are put into their specific application, saving you time and money in the long run. At the end of the day, we’re here to make your life easier!

Circuit concurrent engineering is an integral part of manufacturing complex applications such as flexible circuit boards. Using concurrent engineering, Flexible Circuits, Inc. is able to produce high-quality prototypes that lower overall manufacturing costs by assisting our customer with their design to yield the proper application from the start. Clients get to enjoy short lead times and quicker time to market as a result. Perhaps, most important of all, is that the circuit design process increases the circuit integrity, ensuring the technology works the first time, every time.

For any other questions about our concurrent engineering and fabrication processes, standardizations, or certifications, contact us today.

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