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Flexible Circuits Inc. has chosen to serve a very limited customer base. The customers will be leaders in the Aerospace and Military Electronics field. FCI will serve the smallest number possible to meet our growth and profitability goal. We currently have 95% of our business with 6 customers.

The company believes it can best serve a limited number of people. We at FCI believes person to person [individual service]is the best way to meet our mutual needs. Growth may come from increasing share with the current customers, increasing our level of product integration to selected customers or expanding the breadth of our base product offering. Customers will lead the technology roadmap.

FCI will understand customer needs current and future and will be proactive in taking the proper position. Our customers have asked us to provide interconnects with hole sizes to .006, layer counts to 40, lines and spaces of .004, aspect ratios of 12:1, buried vias, blind vias, compliant pins, meet the requirements of 50884, 55110, IPC 6012 and IPC 6013 and be responsible for a higher level of integration which includes mixed assembly and in circuit test along with HALT and HASS stress analysis.

We are currently meeting these expectations. Flexible Circuits Inc. is ISO certified and ITAR compliant.

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Flexible Circuits, Inc., is an AS9100 registered company.

Flexible Circuits, Inc. products are manufactured to MIL-P-50884 and IPC-6013 types 1,2,3,4. Assemblies meet IPC610 and the ANSI "J" standard.


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